Pranayama with Heather Gjerde & Melissa St. James

August 17, 2019


Investment: $20*



Pranayama, from the Sanskrit, prana, meaning "life force," and ayama, meaning "extension." Pranayama is an integral part of yoga, the conscious awareness of breath: the life force that energizes and relaxes the body. The controlled breathing allows us to both establish the rhythm of performing yoga poses and cultivate the relaxation of the mind for meditation.


This workshop focuses on providing you with an overview of pranayama as a whole, an in-depth exploration of various techniques (including benefits and contraindications, when to practice, etc…) such as:


Ujjayi                      Naddi Sodhana

Surya Bhedana     Viloma

Bhastrika               Kapalabhali

Bhamari                 Visama Vrtti

Sama Vrtti             Sitali

Sitakari                  Bahya Kumbhaka

Anuloma               Pratiloma

Sahita                    Kevala

Learn how to incorporate pranayama into an asana practice and to cultivate a practice off the mat.


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