Melissa St. James


Melissa enjoys teaching Vinyasa Flow classes, with a focus on breath, alignment, creativity and fun, as well as Yin classes focusing on complementing the Vinyasa practice.  Her classes include a strong focus on both challenging and supporting students of all levels and encouraging their own experience…yoga is, after all, an individual journey. Melissa’s goal is to be of service, sharing what others have passed on to her with those around her. She believes that wisdom comes from all around us and yoga is a loving, grounding influence from which we can all learn, teach, share and grow.

Melissa has trained in Vinyasa, Hatha, Ashtanga and Yin yoga styles and has also completed trainings in Yoga Nidra and is Reiki certified...striving to create an ever expanding base of knowledge she is eager to share with others.

Melissa St James Pose.jpg