Kat Lukens


Jambo!  Kat is a 200-hr Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher trained through Bird Rock Yoga, and based in San Diego, CA.  Hailing from New England, she grew up playing basketball and rowing crew in college, which caused a herniated disc and sciatica in her lower back.  A few years later, Kat stumbled upon yoga in Nairobi, Kenya, and found the physical practice helped to strengthen her core and lower back immensely.  Since 2014, Vinyasa yoga has served as her spiritual guide, and she strives to create a safe space for exploration and healing for others. Her playlists are often a mix of LoFi, soul, and indie-electronica. Kat centers her class around steady breathing, and encourages students to express their authenticity through each posture...let your ego go, your intuition flow, and maybe even smile!  

Kat Lukens Pose.jpg