Juli Greenwald

In the fall of 2014 Juli was struggling, badly..."I was going through a devastating break up, my role at my job was changing, family issues were popping up, and a few of my closest San Diego friends were moving out of the state. I was breaking down, numb inside, and depressed. I didn't know how to deal with all these changes and shifts in my life. I started attending yoga classes because it was a safe space for me. A place I could go to cry, to feel, to release all the shoved down emotions that were screaming inside of me.


A friend of mine suggested I take a 200 hour yoga teacher training with her, and I thought it would be something healthy to fill my time with, a space were I could learn a few new tricks for my physical practice, maybe get into that ever elusive handstand? Well, that journey of teacher training led me into teaching. I have come to regard yoga as a spiritual practice, with so much information surrounding the practice that I know I can't master everything in this lifetime.


Since that first RTY 200 I have embarked on a 300 hour training, which I completed in November 2017, and have delved into teaching Yoga Nidra and Deep Stretch and Restore practices. Yoga humbles me, it makes me believe in a power beyond myself, something worth exploring and experiencing. I hope from my classes people leave feeling just a tiny nugget of this vast realm, their expansive conscious connection to each other and the universe. If not I hope to at least create a space where they feel safe in exploring whatever is happening inside of themselves, or just a space to once more try to get into that darn handstand!"

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