Jessica Martin

Jessica’s yoga journey began in 1999 when she took a yoga and meditation class at the local community college.  She noticed soon after how much calmer and less anxious she became when she practiced yoga.  In the following decade, Jessica deepened her practice and her love of alignment by studying Hatha yoga and Iyengar yoga.  Over the past several years, Jessica has explored the Vinyasa style of yoga, embracing its creative and flowing nature, while maintaining the attention to alignment and the use of props from her Hatha and Iyengar experience.  

After so many years of practice, Jessica looked for ways to further her journey.  She committed to a 200 Hour Teacher Training in 2014.  This was a truly transformative time for Jessica as she delved deeper into yoga philosophy and developed a daily meditation practice.  Jessica also completed Yin Yoga Teacher Training and enjoys where Yin yoga is taking her.

Jessica teaches thoughtful, alignment-based flows with a strong emphasis on conscious breathing and introspection.  She strives to bring the peacefulness, presence, and clarity of mind of yoga to her students.


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